Mr. Damico handled my case professionally and efficiently. He communicated with me frequently throughout the months prior to my trial—answered questions, updated me on new information/evidence, and made me feel at ease.

I was very impressed with how he handled himself and my case in court. He was a total rock star. About 5 minutes into the trial, Mr. Damico had the judge ruling me Not Guilty, releasing me of a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana—an offense that could have affected my career and professional reputation.

I can’t express enough how thankful I am to have hired him!

We hired David Damico to defend our son in a criminal case. Before hiring him, we learned that Mr. Damico is well-experienced in successfully representing the defendant in criminal law cases. Naturally, that was very important to us. We also learned he has a reputation for being a very good attorney who is a no nonsense straight shooter who looks out for the best interests of his clients. Our experience with him showed us that his reputation is well deserved.

Mr. Damico was straight to the point when I first met him. I was scared, but he assured me that he would take control of the situation and that I had nothing to worry about. He was a man of his word and I won my case. Thanks so much Mr. Damico. I really appreciate your help and dedication.